Video 15 Oct 4 notes

Bongripper-Reefer Sutherland

Video 15 Oct

Bongripper- Worship.
14 minutes of sludgy instrumental doom. Also the best name for a band, ever.

Video 27 Aug 1 note

Natural Snow Buildings- Gorgon

Video 27 Aug 1,644 notes




Horns up til death…. R.I.P. Ronnie. We love you.

The bottom .gif always makes me sad.

oh my god that’s so sad

Video 18 Aug 1 note

Coil- Restless Day

Photo 18 Aug 17 notes Industrial Speed Dating

Industrial Speed Dating

Video 15 Aug 1 note

Elite Gymnastics- Is This On Me?

Video 8 Aug 2 notes

Xasthur and Nachtmystium-Beyond Light

Video 4 Aug 8 notes

Black Sabbath- Wheels of Confusion

Video 31 Jul 210 notes

I find you disgusting. I find you inconsolable. I find you repulsive.

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